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Blocking Aurora

Due to the fluffy nature of brioche stitch, Aurora is not straight-edged when it comes off the needles.  In fact, the increases and decreases used to create the points at the start and finish also make it look odd.  The i-cord edging helps create a bit of structure, but Aurora definitely needs to be blocked! […]

Getting gauge for Aurora

Let’s start with the good news: gauge isn’t critical for Aurora.  If you want to get started and see if you’re happy with the fabric you’re getting and adjust needles in the early stages of knitting, this is an option.  The pattern contains notes on how to weigh yarn as you go to ensure that […]

Star Trails

I am very pleased to announce that my second pattern, Star Trails, is live on Ravelry. Star Trails is an asymmetrical triangle shawl which is easy to wear and relaxing to knit.  The lace pattern is easier to knit than it appears and is ideal for beginner lace knitters who are looking to move beyond eyelet […]

Midwinter Sky – Errata

Unfortunately, even with the best will in the world, errata often slip into a pattern. One of my lovely customers drew my attention to a couple of errors in the written instructions for the lace repeat section of Midwinter Sky. These are as follows: In the lace repeat section, all the “Rep from * to […]

Midwinter Sky

My first ever pattern that I designed was launched on Ravelry in late January 2018. I am absolutely overjoyed at the reception this pattern has had so far.  If you’d like more info, click here to see it on Ravelry.

Carrying yarn in kfbf stitch

I don’t know about you, but I hate weaving in ends.  If I can avoid doing it, I prefer to, so I love patterns where I can carry my yarn with me as I work rather than breaking it. In my pattern, Star Trails, the colours can be carried throughout most of the work, with […]

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