A couple of weeks ago, I found out that some people were really interested in the story behind my next wrap.  So I decided to make a video to tell you a bit about it.

I also managed to film a whole video without mentioning the name of my wrap once.  No idea how I managed to pull that off, but I did.  It’s called Starry Night and it’s coming out this Friday on Ravelry.  (Since filming this video, I’ve taken photos and everything!).

Also, there’s a bit in the middle of the video where I talk about shadow mosaics.  There’s a note in the video that says don’t panic and I really, really mean it.  I explain this very badly in the video.  They sound confusing and horrible.  I promise the pattern isn’t that confusing, because I take the time to write them carefully.  Please don’t worry – you don’t need to understand shadow mosaics to knit the pattern (I needed to understand them to design the pattern).  The pattern has fully written instructions and is fully charted as well, so all you need to do is follow those and you’ll be fine.  Honest!

I mentioned a couple of NZ knitting events in the video.  Here are the links if you want to learn a bit more about them.


KAN (Knit August Nights)


Enjoyed the video?  Want to see more of this type of content from Cetus Knits?  Let me know what you think!